YES Graded Certification

Yes Graded Certification is Towards Human Excellence and for Revolution of People.  Yes Graded Certification is beyond the self and from developing best within each one. What is possible today was impossible sometime before. It is the will of someone to go beyond the impossibility to see the possibility happening, Yes Graded Certification will make it happens.

Bring out the inner potentials

Discovering our strengths is an on-going process. We are in the process of discovering and developing our strengths, with support and reinforcement from the Yes Graded Certification. Age and Qualification doesn’t matters for Yes Graded Certification.  Yes Graded Certification is for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Feature of YES Graded Certification

International Valued Certificate, certified by CITY METROPOLITAN COLLEGE, Singapore. We want to ensure that each and every candidate who enrolls with us and takes our courses embarks on a meaningful learning journey that enriches their knowledge and skills to pursue their dreams and realize their aspirations.

Candidates are able to build up confidence in advance in facing the challenges in Life. Graded program is equal to UK standards. Yes Graded qualifications are recognized internationally as reliable evidence of proficiency in their Field. With a focus on developing communicative and practical skills, our exams assess and promote the skills needed for life in the 21st century.

Yes Graded Certification will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Will bring a Standardization in Learning
  • Recognize your learning with international certification
  • Discover and empower the  talents
  • Helps to identify the Strengths
  • Identify possible career choices
  • Understand (or help others understand) the unique learning styles
  • Get ready for major changes in future job creation
  • To help individual to lead a meaningful Life

 YES Graded Certification Programs  in-coordination with Shri Publication

  1.  Advance Yoga Graded Certification Program

  2. Traditional Indian Yoga Graded Certification Program

Sample Certification