Manushi Yoga E-Magazine

The India’s 1st e-Magazine for Yoga in Scientific Way

Manushi Yoga Magazine is brimming with lively and informative lifestyle features including health & Beauty, science and philosophy of yoga, Ayurveda, Alternative medicine and exercises.Manushi Yoga Magazine will make each and every effort to make life more beautiful , more Loving.  Try it , try the new vision of life You live in the world you create Live in a happy frame of mind Hence the man of awareness walks carefully, lives carefully. Think less; feel more. Intellectualize loss; intuit more. Change the mind to the heart. From thinking to feeling; from logic to love. You must Relax Relaxation is not a consequence; nor a result of some activity,It is the glow of understanding. Start living, moment to moment. A gracious gift from god or the whole of whatsoever you want to call. This moment is available to you; sing a song. Live it in its totality. and don’t try to sacrifice it for any other moment. what is going to come in future is to come only later. Live it for its own sake, now.

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